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Good People, Good Creative We are convinced that aesthetics, leads to a form of harmony and provides well-being. Defending a minimalist approach, we believe in the sophistication of simplicity. The people work with Miscellade are experts in branding, design and development.

our brands

PLES and ORLT We are preparing for a new business based on various global experiences. We are here to entertain, surprise, and empower. From the iconic brands to the world-leading talents, we are committed to the best of the best.

Diversity and Inclusion

Championing all voices We value diversity of backgrounds, views and cultures, and believe in providing equal opportunity and treatment for everyone. We value people for their unique qualities, skills and contributions. We understand that inclusive teams drive more innovation, and the greater the variety of viewpoints, the greater the chances for success.

Sustainability Mission

Making Miscellade Greener We believe we have a duty to do this in a way that delivers the highest level of quality expected from brands and reduces our impact on the planet. For example, we will try to use as much recycled plastic as possible when making cell phone cases. We also promise to play a more active and meaningful role to give customers trust. We will provide systemic change to grow across all levels of the organization and ensure our brand stays on trend.

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Please email us if you have any questions about business, including proposals and collaborations.